“Dreaming is cheap” I’ve always said. So I catch myself doing it a lot. Looking at that magnificent rainbow below that Blaine Cox caught in early spring got me thinking about the song and the lyrics, “Dreams that you dare to dream really do come true”. Whether or not your dreams do come true, there is value in dreaming. I’m not talking about ‘what if’s’ that never happen. I’m talking about the healthy exercise of dreaming. Just imagine what could happen for the good if we act on just those dreams that are in the realm of possibility!

We begin our high summer season with this Breeze edition. And again we will be publishing monthly issues for July and August to meet the needs of our expanding summer population. With this Breeze edition we have begun the transformation to an all color ad format. We now call ourselves a ‘newsmagazine’ – a clearer description of our seven issues each year. And we are happy to announce a new exciting web site to be unveiled with our July Mountain Breeze online edition. Dreams really do come true!

Enjoy the Mountain Breeze as you enjoy this beautiful region. And dream more!