By Bob Keith, mayor of Lake Lure, NC



Back in the January/February issue of the Breeze we announced that Carolina Trust Bank had made a decision to come to Lake Lure. This important step in the evolution of the Gorge was preceded by a lot of hard work and decision making on the part of both community leaders and Carolina Trust Bank management. As a result, a marriage was made.

With this article we want to put a face on our local bank team and encourage every resident and reader to do, or consider doing, his/her financial business here in the Gorge with Carolina Trust. With that being said, let’s take a look at our new financial support team.

We have two friendly tellers in Marcy Horn and Jane Caldwell. Marcy has been in banking for a little over twelve years and is prepared to efficiently handle all of your day-to-day business transactions. Head Teller Jane probably knows most of you if you did any of your banking business in Lake Lure in prior years. With a friendly smile and a wink, she’ll state “I’m Back!” And that’s a good thing! We are delighted to have these two experienced professionals to serve all of our monetary needs.



Jennifer Duncan is Customer Service Rep. and also has been in the banking arena for over a dozen years. She resides in Green Hill with her husband and three children and is here to help you with all your account needs. If you haven’t already done so, come by and see her to open an account.



We are fortunate to have Andy Cobb as our Loan Officer. Andy has been in the banking business for over 35 years and serves the two CTB banks in Rutherford County. He knows the banking community here, the local financial landscape and has the expertise to bring to us the best, reasonable, competitive proposals.



Heading up this team is Branch Manager Brad Harrill, a young (of course everyone is young to me), ambitious leader who is determined to make this operation a total success. As he related to me, “CTB is a small community bank which is a perfect fit for Lake Lure and the Gorge. The local people and businesses need close, personal, tailored attention to their financial needs that which CTB can deliver. On the other hand, the community needs to support and embrace the bank for it all to work. It’s a two way street.” I totally agree. That’s why I’m writing this article and encouraging everyone to participate.



Recognizing that our community is on the forefront of exciting growth and expansion, a key to our future is a committed and involved banking institution. I began this article by stating that a marriage occurred between the town and Carolina Trust. We want, expect and forecast CTB to be that long-term partner and key player in our success. Come down and meet our new team of friendly bankers.