James Moore with two white bass.

James Moore with two white bass.

By Michael Lewis


After I started to guide I think for some reason a few years ago I was always in a hurry for this time of the year to get here. It can be a very exciting time of the year when the bass start to spawn. Since I had cancer I don’t get into a rush and I don’t wish time away.

As of the time I wrote this article the bass haven’t started to spawn. They did come up shallow early because we had some nice weather early on but the water temp has been a roller coaster, 55 degrees then 45 degrees two days later then back up to 59. Sure enough we had a night in the high 20’s then the next day was in the low 30’s, so that ran them off the flats and back deep.

Lucky for me the sun came out before I had my next trip because I took a Dad and his two boys out and we caught 22 perch, one white bass and a huge crappie. Then the wind started blowing for the next two weekends in a row. You could hardly cast a lure because the wind would blow the lure sideways. I took three boys out and we caught seven white bass and a nice yellow perch trolling small spoons and minnow lure. It’s all we could do to keep the lines straight. They tangled twice, but it happens.


A few days before it started to get warm I took a group fly fishing for their very first time. Dad and the two boys 7 and 10 had never used a fly rod and they did really well. Grand Dad had been before and decided to watch the others fish. We started on the grass to learn a few basic casts then we hit the water. I showed them how to check under rocks to see what food might be hiding, and after a short time Dad had a nice brook trout take a woolly bugger. We moved to another creek and I was able to pick the boys up and put them in the creek where they could cast to some trout that we could see. After a few tries the boys were catching trout like pros. The smiles on their faces were priceless. Dad had a lot of fun, too, but I think Grand Dad had more fun watching those boys catch fish then they did catching them.



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