5_BW1B2902Since its groundbreaking in September 2014, construction of the permanent Lake Lure Classical Academy-CFA campus has been steadily underway. The scho5_BW1B2903ol will be located on Island Creek Road just off Highway 9 on 34 acres of land donated by the Town of Lake Lure. The 48,691 square foot educational facility will welcome students in late August of this year. While the gym/auditorium structure will not be completed until additional funds are raised, the final grading for the building pad is completed, and construction plans permit ready. The Lake Lure Community Education Foundation is heading up “Raise the Roof,” a fundraising campaign for the school’s new gym/auditorium. LLCA-CFA is a North Carolina public charter school currently serving five counties and will add its final grade to become a full K-12 school this fall. Enrollment is currently open. For more information, call (828) 625-9292 or visit www.LLLCA.TeamCFA.org5_vlcsnap-2015-04-09-17h09m11s96