By Bryant Williams


Spring is here and summer’s near; It’s time to plan some trips.

Most will travel in their cars, but some will sail on ships.

You may like visiting big cities where there is lots to do.

Or the choice may be a rustic place, one with a scenic view.


Many like historical sites, the ones that relive the past.

Others like exciting places from which they get a blast.

Then there are trips to foreign lands flying across the sea.

But this kind of travel may not appeal to you or me.


Take a European river cruise where beauty and history abound.

Or take an American small ship cruise on a river or a sound.

In the end your budget may determine what you do,

But you should plan a break. It will be good for you.


Camping in a rustic cabin or staying at a luxury inn,

Renting a beach front condo, or visiting distant kin,

No matter how you travel or where it is you roam,

I’ll bet you’ll find it comforting to safely get back home.