By Adam Bowles

By the looks of things I do believe we have finally left the grasp of old man winter.  These last four months have been very difficult to watch go by.  Golfers have sat in their house and watched PGA tour events, chipped and putted golf balls on their living room carpet, and even bundled up for a brisk round in the upper 30’s.  Why in the world do we do this to ourselves? We do it because when you become a golfer and hit your first true pure shot on the golf course, you are hooked for life.  You will forever be on the search for the perfect round of golf.  Does that prefect round of golf even exist?  Who knows? That is why we keep trying year after year to see what the future holds for us.

I was able to attend the Masters for a few rounds this year, as I make a point to do each year, and it was like watching the starter at a sprinters race firing off his gun.  It was official; the golf season is finally here.  All of the patrons were dressed in their newest golf shirt from their local pro shop.  Some were even wearing golf shoes to traverse the hilly grounds of Augusta.  We were all there for a singular purpose.  We were there to be inspired.  Watching our favorite golfers warm up on the range, hit practice putts, and then begin their round for the day, meant the world to us.  We each leave thinking of something we saw a professional do that we cannot wait to try when we return home.

Now is the time to visit your local club and begin your journey for the year.  I hope you will all remember that first time you hit a perfect shot with your clubs.  I hope you take that feeling and let it inspire you year after year.  I want to see golf back to its glory days where we made time to play this game we love so much.  Life is so short, take advantage of your youth you have left, play more golf!  See you in the fairway.


Adam Bowles, PGA, is Golf Operations Manager at Rumbling Bald Resort, Lake Lure.