Pet HeroesBy Joselyn Watkins


To have a pet or to not have a pet? That is the question. Many a person has asked this question when seeing those cute little critters advertised in the local paper or on the television as needing a good home. Personally, our family has succumbed to the ads and had many enjoyable pets. We have gone so far as having horses, cows, sheep, a goat, chickens, rabbits, hamsters, have raised Scotch Collies and Siamese cats and at one time even had a pet crow. Ducks were hatched from twelve eggs, but only one was viable and her name was Samantha.

Recently, Dr. Carl Nelson shared with this author a letter shared with him by his and his wife Saundra’s newly adopted dog Marley. The Nelson’s met Marley when custodial parent Diane Barrett was on a neighborhood walk with Marley then called Blondie. Marley is a yellow Labrador with wonderful dark soulful eyes and a wonderful personality. She already has won the hearts of the Nelsons and many others in the community.

Marley’s letter was written to her former adoptive parents Bruce and Diane Barrett. “Hello everyone, It’s Blondie here, I’m well, things are cool in my new place, but what is “dog-food”? You know I’m a chicken-beef girl. My baths have changed too. The new people (the Nelsons) are backyard amateurs. Soap got up my nose and the towels are rough.

Never liked the harness you bought me so I ate the strap and the darned thing fell right off. I’m almost done eating the new one too.

I was finally let out on my own to run the neighborhood for the first time. They seemed surprised when I came back without the gate guard and in the back of a truck

These people like toys, so I play with him and the toys on the floor to make them happy. Got my own bed now. It’s a pillow-top doggy-sized queen size no less.

Just got back from Georgia where I caused some excitement trying to get along with their other dog named Buddy. He’s impossible.(He lives with their son Chris in Georgia). My punishment was exile to the fenced in back yard. I ran like crazy, dug a few holes and barked. If you bark a lot for no reason, they have to let you in, so I did. Couldn’t get use to all the paw cleaning with towels. What’s with that?

What does “down” mean again? They keep yelling that and I think I know what they’re getting at, but I play dumb.

We’re back in the mountains now and had a night encounter with a possum. I guess he’ll know who is king around here. I’m training my new parents well and I let them sleep in the same bedroom with me and my queen sized bed. God is good! Say hello to all your animals for me—I never really liked them you know.”


Your foster daughter Marley”


“P. S. You’re not supposed to call me Blondie anymore. I’m renamed after a famous movie star now and I’m called Marley after a revered and almost perfect dog.”


To all of you reading this and missing the companionship of a pet on a cold wintry night, just think what enjoyment that pet might bring you. Your investment is small when you consider the rewards of having such a relationship. Many homes are needed. Perhaps you could consider pet adoption for your “Bucket List”.

Thank you to the Nelson’s for sharing Marley’s letter and for being “Pet Heroes”.