By Bill Ashman, Resort resident

Editor’s note: The Mountain Breeze found its beginnings 28 years ago as a newsletter for what is now Rumbling Bald Resort. We celebrate how far both have come serving our greater Lake Lure community and the western North Carolina region.

I want to begin by stating what a privilege it is to live and work in a town whose natural beauty is enhanced by a thriving business community, and a spirit of collaboration and cooperation.  It has been my pleasure to serve as a member of boards and committees, where I have experienced this truth first hand.  I have also experienced a lack of understanding, or at least a lot of confusion, concerning Rumbling Bald Resort (RBR), its governance, operations, and management.  With this in mind, I would like to provide the following information concerning the Resort.

What is Rumbling Bald Resort?

RBR operates as a Property Owners Association (POA). Membership in the POA is required of all property owners within the purview of the Resort.  The POA consists of approximately 1200 property owners who own homes, condos, timeshares and/or vacant lots. Our permanent residents number around 500.  Members of the POA elect a Board of Directors who are responsible for the governance of the Resort including management of Resort-provided services and amenities, maintenance, infrastructure, capital improvements, etc.

What is the financial structure of Rumbling Bald Resort?

Rumbling Bald Resort’s business unit has a NOT FOR PROFIT classification and consists of the golf operation, lodging operation, food and beverage operation and the spa/beach operation. One hundred percent of all revenue, less payroll, taxes, etc. is used to maintain/improve the Resort’s infrastructure and amenities.

Although our homeowners pay dues and various fees (monthly, quarterly or yearly) amounting to approximately three and one half million dollars a year, all money is used to maintain our infrastructure, which includes 44 miles of roads in Lake Lure. In addition, many of our homeowners and members volunteer their time and efforts at the Fairfield Mountain Volunteer Fire Department.

What amenities, etc are located at the Resort?

Rumbling Bald Resort’s (RBR) operation/amenities consists of: two eighteen hole golf courses, two golf pro shops, two restaurants, one with conference and breakout meeting rooms, two rental condos, a wellness center which consists of one indoor pool, two outdoor pools, lazy river, four tennis courts, 2 pickleball courts, one basketball court, one 18 hole miniature golf course, life size board games, croquet court, exercise facilities, computer room, salon, massage rooms and a marina with a cabana. The beach area is home to 125 rental boat slips, five commercial boat slips and four slips that are used by visitors to our Resort. We own two tour boats, three rental pontoon boats, and approximately 15 non-motorized boats which are available for rent. Bald Mountain Lake is a smaller lake that our owners and guests use for fishing and non-motorized boating. About 10 non-motorized boats are used at Bald Mountain Lake by our homeowners and guests.

Other important facts:

At peak season we employ in excess of 220 employees of which 55 are full time employees, and most of whom live in Rutherford County/Lake Lure.

-Our homeowners and business units employ local businesses in industries including heating and air, landscaping, painting, home repair, boat repair, builders, advertising companies, etc. in support of our community.

-Our homeowners and visitors spend significant dollars annually in local restaurants, grocery stores, home improvement stores, novelty stores, etc. in support of our community.

-Our business units partner with local businesses such as Lake Lure Adventure Company, Canopy Ridge Farm, Cedar Creek Stables, Larkin’s, Chimney Rock State Park, etc. in an effort to promote our community and grow revenue.

-About seventy-five percent of our owners are retired and live on fixed incomes.

-A significant number of our residents volunteer their time at local churches, libraries, charitable groups, Lake Lure Town Committees, Chambers, etc. in support of our community.

-Rumbling Bald Resort property owners pay over thirty percent of the real estate taxes collected in our county.

Rumbling Bald Resort, its homeowners, governing bodies, management, employees and guests believe in supporting our community in many ways. The partnerships we have created and continue to develop exist to further strengthen the bond among businesses and members of our community. We are deeply vested in the long-term growth and economic vitality of the town of Lake Lure and hope to, among many reasons, share our deep affection of this remarkable area with others.