By Bryant Williams

A little hand reaches up from the crib and wraps around my finger.
I was on my way to work, but now I think I’ll linger.
Two little eyes peer up at me from a sweet little smiling face.
It brings a tear drop to my eye and makes my old heart race.

You’re sure she’s is starting school today? No, this cannot be.
It was only yesterday she said, “Look, daddy, now I’m three!”
Now it’s graduation, and she’s there in cap and gown.
Tonight there will be parties all around our little town.

Must she go away to a college in a place that’s far away?
But then before we know it, there’s another graduation day.
She was the valedictorian, and her speech filled us with pride.
Then afterward she met us with a young man at her side.

“Mom and Dad“, she said, “I’d like you to meet my friend”.
We could feel right away that meeting Bob would not be the end.
I walked her down the aisle to where Bob stood with a smile.
The trip to the altar was short, but to me seemed to be a mile.

At the reception we met Bob’s family and felt her choice was right.
To our relief it appeared to us our little girl’s future would be bright.
A little arm reaches up from the crib and I hold it in my hand.
Then I hear a voice behind me say, “So now, Dad, you’re a Grand.”