By Michael Lewis

It doesn’t matter. Just take your family fishing.

Megan Kelsey with dad, Roy.

Megan Kelsey with dad, Roy.

The fishing has been great so far this summer. If you get out early enough you can catch them on top water. I’ve been going out between 5:30 and 6:00 am. and having a blast. Be careful not to take it away from them like some of my clients have been doing. When they hit the lure the first time they are trying to stun it. If you snatch the bait too hard you’ll take it out of the strike zone and you will not catch that fish. They will not chase it. So wait until you feel the fish pull before you set the hook.

We’ve been catching white bass, largemouth bass and small mouth bass all on top water. You can use any kind of bait you want. I use a torpedo or Zara puppy. I like colors that look like a shad silver or white, even clear works.

I catch white bass large mouth and small mouth on top but when they’re not hitting on top take a jigging spoon and you’ll catch the big white bass there in 15 to 25 feet waiting for all the little fish too do the work. Little fish will heard up all the bait fish and bust them. When they wound them they float down in the big fish or just sit there and sip them up. So get out on the lake. If you can’t get out on the lake, call me, Michael Lewis 828-223-0269 or look me up at