27_Cathe and MichaelLike many others in our community Cathe and Michael Frierman had the opportunity to live in many wonderful parts of our country. “But Lake Lure is like no other place we’ve ever lived” … and like many others in our community, “we came for the beauty, but we stay for the people”.

Cathe and Michael had the good fortune to move to the Lake just over a year ago. And although Michael is still working full time, his commute since moving here has been reduced from over an hour’s drive to the office to under a minute’s walk from the kitchen for coffee to his home office. At the same time, Cathe is becoming more and more involved in the community. But more on that later.

Their first introduction to Lake Lure came almost 15 years ago. Their best friends have a house on the basin of the Lake and the two couples came down from New Jersey on vacation. It was like vacationing on a European Alpine lake. Like so many others, they were struck by the beauty of the area.

Many years later when thinking about where they might retire … sometime in the distant future … Lake Lure made its way to the top of the list. Competing areas included Santa Fe and the Seattle region. For reasons that make sense to those who live here, Lake Lure won out.

After just a few months looking for that perfect spot and several trips down to the Lake, they were fortunate enough to find a house near the top of Youngs Mountain. As their realtor drove up the mountain and turned into the parking deck overlooking a view of the Lake with the Blue Ridge as a backdrop, their only words were “We’ll take it! No matter what the house looks like inside!”

The rest was history. They bought the house in 2011 and were able to move down permanently in the spring of 2014. Because Michael works for a multinational software company, he is able to ‘telecommute’. His work requires him to spend much of his day in conference calls sharing presentations and other documents over the internet. While many may not realize it, the Lake’s ability to attract working couples like the Friermans depends on the availability of such services like highspeed internet access.

Once Cathe found the walking group in Rumbling Bald Resort, she’s been a regular on their daily walks around the community. This has given them the chance to make many new friends.

Settling in, it was important to Cathe and Michael that they find ways to give back to their new community. Cathe began volunteering almost immediately at the Rutherford County Humane Society’s Thrift Store. She also volunteers as the treasurer for the Friends of the Library. And they both spent a great day volunteering for the Olympiad this past August. Michael has had the opportunity to become the Vice Chair of the Hickory Nut Gorge Foundation. And if you’re unfamiliar with this local charitable organization, just ask Michael, he’ll be happy to give you the details about its valuable and meaningful efforts on behalf of the entire Hickory Nut Gorge community.

As their first full time summer approaches Cathe’s looking forward to spending many hours in her new found hobby, kayaking with friends on the Lake. And Michael can be found relaxing as he works on their house, putting their own stamp on what they believe will be the last home they’ll ever need. They also intend to enjoy their many new friends at the monthly New Comers’ Potluck dinners, as well as enjoying the opera in Charlotte and theater in Hendersonville.

“We came for the beauty, but we stay for the people.”

Welcome to Lake Lure!

Our House (is a very, very, very fine house)

Sometime in the mid ‘60’s when the Resort was in its infancy, John Schaub and Rolland King hiked Youngs Mountain looking to identify and subdivide residential lots according to their view of the Lake and the surrounding mountains. One story has it that on another hike up the mountain John laid out the roads by trailing toilet paper behind him. And the next day the bull dozers came in. With the roads in, John and his wife Marge selected one lot for themselves. Their house became the highest one on the mountain with an inspiring view of the Lake and the rolling Blue Ridge as a backdrop. This became the vacation home for John and his family, including his daughter Cathy, now known to the many readers of the Mountain Breeze as Cathy Leestma. And it was our good fortune to take stewardship of this wonderful house and home as we came to live in Lake Lure.