43_DSCN2161By Joselyn Watkins

One only has to mention her name and comments are made such as, “everyone loves Pam”, or “she is so friendly and helpful to anyone she meets”. It is no secret, we are highlighting the life of Pam Keith, the beautiful, sweet wife of Bob Keith, our present mayor.

Their marriage was an arranged marriage of sorts. It seems that Pam’s aunt and Bob’s sister were best friends having met when they lived in New Jersey. They both had the fore sight to think that Pam and Bob, both single at the time, would be a perfect match for each other. Pam lived in Hendersonville at the time, and Bob lived in Connecticut. They arranged to meet when a business trip brought Bob to North Carolina. It was love at first sight and the couple married in 1989.

In 1999 Bob retired after 30 years with IBM and the couple were enticed to move to Lake Lure. Elaine Wohlford, Pam’s mom, found a delightful place for them right on the Lake acting as their realtor. Lake Lure was a very familiar place to Pam as she and friends had water skied and enjoyed Lake Lure on many occasions.

Soon after moving to the Lake, the couple joined the Fairfield Mountains Chapel which has been an integral part of their lives. Bob sings in the choir. Both of the Keiths have acted as Elders and Pam has been President of the WOC better known as Women of the Chapel.

After high school Pam attended American University in Washington, DC. She has had various positions with marketing usually being her focus. When she came to Lake Lure she became very interested in Melanie Scarcella’s pet sitting business named Pampered Pet Care and eventually bought the business and has since retired.

Many people both adults and children refer to Pam as the Monkey Lady because of her interest in and collection of over 110 stuffed, or other forms of monkeys. Of course her favorite is Coco who has traveled with her since she was a small child. Recently, on a road trip Pam and Bob met a Canadian couple who obviously had traveling buddies of their own seated at the breakfast table at the Motel. Pam and Bob were introduced to the two teddy bears. Of course Pam could only hurry to their room bringing Coco back to introduce him to the charming couple and their breakfast companions. Pam has introduced her own grand children to Coco as Bob brought to the Keith marriage three children now married with children of their own. Needless to say Grandma Pam has a great identity with those grandchildren.

Pam is extremely involved other than being the Mayor’s wife. She still helps friends with their pets, and helps to rescue animals needing assistance. Each day she nurtures three or four feral cats taking them to the veterinarian if needed. In addition she has been a part of the staff of Olympiad in Lake Lure for eleven years, and has worked with Hands of Hope for Life for eight years. This organization helps women with crisis pregnancies. Also, when the Fairfield Fire Department Auxiliary is in action you will find Pam contributing her skills. Plus, for many years she aided a lonely lady who had no one to care for her and gave many hours to this person making sure that the lady was well cared for. We all should have such a friend.

When asked about the position she holds as Mayor’s Wife, Pam said,”Being the Mayor’s wife has given me the opportunity to meet many wonderful, active people in the county, Lake Lure and Chimney Rock and some State Representatives. I realize that our paths might not have crossed if I was not Mrs. Mayor.”

“I feel much more informed about the area and what this beautiful place has to offer. Also, I am getting to know its residents and what concerns them. Additionally, I’ve become acquainted with the hard-working town staff.”

Also, Pam feels that the businesses locally should be supported by the residents as much as possible. She thinks that the responsibilities she has had have been mainly positive,” I don’t get upset or rattled much, but controversial matters that divide our community do sadden me. We should first look into the facts and then work together to reach the best solution to a situation.” “ I am pleased to see so many wonderful improvements and additions to the area”, she remarked.

Pam has helped on a variety of projects such as: The Classical Academy, Mahec, The Flowering Bridge, renovating the Visitors Center, the Washburn Marina Area, and the new bank along with other new businesses.

Pam Keith has proved herself to be a very valuable member of the Lake Lure Community as well as a friend to all be they four or two legged. Hats off to a lovely lady!!