by Randy Snyder

The seventh example in the “Paying it Forward” series was not hard to find as I encounter the examples every day when I journey to and from the Rumbling Bald Resort. The eleven man security team is essentially responsible for the safety and security of the 48 miles of roads, 2000 acres, nearly 1100 residences and over 2300 residents and thousands of visitors to the resort! The geographical boundaries and roads would easily parallel some towns and small cities that have substantially larger police forces!

Some of the everyday, basic functions can be quite extensive and challenging including:

  • Response to medical emergencies
  • Securing buildings daily
  • Patrolling the grounds on a regular basis and responding as needed
  • Restricting access to non-authorized parties
  • Notifying utility services when service is lost
  • Serving as headquarters during shut downs due to weather etc.
  • Working with law enforcement when suspicious activities require action
  • Fulfilling requests of home owners and guests at the resort if possible and reasonable

Worth mentioning are the contributions to this article by Director of Security, Steve Earnest (pictured) who has been there for nine years. Steve praised his staff and highlighted the dedication of outstanding service by Gary Wilson (pictured) with 43 years of service and as department head for forty of the forty three and currently also serves as chief of the Fairfield Mountains Fire Department.

Steve’s pride in his team was quite evident when he mentioned that all security guards are certified in CPR and first aid. Gary Wilson, Earl Wyss and Dave Glicksir have advanced certification and serve on the fire department as well.

There were too many examples of “Paying it Forward” by doing more than what is expected and performing random acts of kindness without anticipating reciprocation (the definition of Paying it Forward) to possibly list in entirety. A few examples however are:

Gary Wilson when working the gate observed a stream of smoke rising from the mountain. When driving to the apparent origination, discovered the initial stages of a house fire, reacted with the fire company and only the deck was damaged!

In another situation Steve Earnest observed two suspects stealing copper wire from a private home. Steve notified LLPD and followed them to the Wellness Center and engaged them in conversation giving the police time to arrive and the suspects were arrest and convicted,

Other examples include a guest in a rental unit needing propane and the guard going to his home and giving them his own propane tank; helping a homeowner pull his car out of a ditch after making an “errant” turn and removing snakes from a property whose owner was traumatized by them.

Guests who need information both resort and otherwise are cheerfully informed as time permits when they approach the friendly guards in the blue shirts as they arrive at the resort.

Steve suggests that you visit the Rumbling Bald Security Facebook page as it contains a wealth of up to date information. Input for the page is always welcomed.

I approached Tom Judson, the CEO, prior to writing this article and asked him what he thought about featuring the Security team using the ­Paying it Forward theme. His brief comment is a fitting closing thought: “Absolutely, these guys have saved people’s lives!”