The Mountain Breeze recently made its way to the Canadian Rockies with the help of this Lake Lure tour group hosted by John and Ruth Shaw. The group posed for this photo just before they boarded the Rocky Mountaineer from Kamloops to Vancouver. The travelers, (pretty much in order), are:


Dan Raney, Jim “aka Big Jim” Raney, Dick Rummell, David Goins, David Thomas, Dewey Erwin, Margaret Erwin, Edna Goins, Bonnie Raney, Jim & Patti Stewart, Tom & Robbie Permenter, Joyce & George Hunter, Judy Arnold, Nell Madsen, Ray Bridges, Ruth Shaw, Jim & Margo Hodges, Hattie Bridges, Bonnie & Robin Worcester, Val & Alan Griswold, John Shaw, and tour director, Mel Brand.   Can you spot their new mascot?  Her name is Moose La Lure!


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