By Cathy Leestma


Hello and welcome to all of our summer visitors! We are so glad you have chosen to visit us!


This city girl just learned the difference between a freestone and a cling peach. Do you know?

Do you ever think about how little you know regardless of how much you think you know?


I visited the Genealogy Club last week at the library. Ed Dittmer, substituting for Bill Miller, led us on a journey through a couple of centuries of American and world history like something you would hear in a university classroom. No prepared notes, just off the top of his head. And I had just come to find out about grandma!


Many years ago when our family first arrived for a summer vacation, we were drawn to the waters of this area.

Lake Lure of course is spectacular in its beauty. Many hours were spent water skiing early in the morning on the glassy lake. Bald Mountain Lake where we now live, inside Rumbling Bald Resort, had just been dammed and was so pure and new. A rope swing depositing us in a deep water hole kept us busy on hot summer days.


And then there were the mountain streams where bathing suits were shredded as we slid down moss covered boulders always keeping an eye out for snakes.


Water is the centerpiece of summer here. Water is life. It heals and renews. Its purity gives hope to the sick. Water brings together families who can relax and be restored away from their busy lives. Water mesmerizes us with i’s beauty and calms us through life’s storms. Water is the reflective partner in summer romances. A full moon over the waters of Lake Lure has led to many a stolen kiss.


Water is the centerpiece of summer here. Oh summer! You are a most lovely time of year. Enjoy!