By Bryant Williams
The poor month of August; it has no holidays.
It’s days can be very hot, some filled with sultry haze.
It is a time for vacations though, when we can take a break,
And take off for the beach, the mountains, or a lake.

But summer’s almost over and school’s about to start,
And from our vacation places we must soon depart.
The air conditioner goes full blast so we can sleep at night,
And when the power bill comes it gives us quite a fright.

“Back To School” August ads all push; September’s almost here.
The kids will soon return to class for yet another year.
But the end of August is not all bad for many so it seems,
For soon it’s football season when we can cheer our teams.

So go ahead, enjoy August, in any way you like.
Take a swim; play some golf; or go for a mountain hike.
Take a drive; read a book; or just lay back and be lazy.
With all the upcoming holidays the rest of the year is crazy