By Michael Lewis


The author with Eddy Zappell and Tom Browning.

As I sit here waiting to get my truck washed at my son’s high school car wash for the football team, I reflect on things – family, friends, fishing. I took a real close friend of mine fishing the other day with a good friend of his and mine. My friend has cancer. It seems like when you get a jeep to drive you seem to see lot of jeeps on the road. If you trade and get a Dodge then you see a lot of Dodges. I say this to prove that if you get cancer you seem to start noticing a lot of people around you have it or know someone who does.
This article is dedicated to my friend Eddy Zappell. We fished last week and on the first cast we caught a nice bass. On top water with a spit-n-image great lure. The bass jumped out of the water for two hours. All we were able to catch were three. That’s how you make a grown man cry. Let him watch fishing jumping all around him and they just don’t want to eat what you are throwing. ‘Still a great morning.

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