Article by Diane Barrett


L to R: Ron Supinger, Ed Lach, Marti Henry, Mary Ellen Jones, Clark Kessel, Donna Supinger, Jean Hoffman, Elise Lach, Penny Watkins, Linda Gledura

In a festive atmosphere on June 25th Lake Lure Lions Club members gathered together for dinner and to take part in its annual recognition of member accomplishments and to conduct the installation of new officers for fiscal year 2015-2016. Members were recognized for their service in the Brighter Visions Program during our fund-raising events for selling the most brooms which are made by the visually impaired. Also members were recognized and given awards for Perfect Attendance; William L. Woolard Partner-in-Service Fellowships of Community Service and Members Awards; Jack Stickley Fellowship; Melvin Jones Fellowship, and Lion of the Year.

The Lake Lure Lions Club has achieved 92% of its goals and performance challenges during the 2014-2015 fiscal year which is quite an accomplishment. These achievements cover Administrative goals/objectives; Service : Sharing the Vision, Engaging the Youth, Relieving Hunger, and Protection our Environment; as well as fund-raising goals. These service actions have benefitted many people throughout the year.