By Jim Hester

If your home is on the market or you plan to list your home, good lighting and a bright appearance are a must. Buyers prefer a well lighted home resulting from natural light and light fixtures. Abundant light sets a pleasant atmosphere and allows a good inspection of the property.

Use clear light bulbs in fixtures when possible for a cleaner look. Avoid mismatching bulb types. Use the same wattage in fixtures requiring multiple bulbs. Another easy way to set a pleasant mood for your home is to dab a touch of vanilla extract on a bulb or two. It will give your home a great scent without much effort. Use the highest wattage possible for fixtures to brighten your home. Use softer light in wall sconces.

Clean all your light bulbs, fixtures and lampshades. Brush off dusty lamp shades and remove all the dead bugs and debris. Look for dusty spider webs hanging from your fixtures and ceiling fans and remove them. Replace dated light fixtures. A small investment in clean and updated fixtures can have a big positive impact on a potential buyer. Add table lamps and low cost under shelf lights to increase light in poorly lighted areas. When a potential buyer looks at your home they will turn on every light in order to get a better look, so have that fixture looking good.

Brighten the windows with a good cleaning inside and out and remove window screens to get a brighter/cleaner look. Add a mirror or two. Mirrors bounce light and make a home look brighter and the ceilings higher. Place a mirror opposite a lighting fixture to project more light into a room and to catch and distribute natural light entering from a window. Windows tends to make areas look larger too. Remove draperies and other window treatments that prevent natural light from flowing into the room. If this isn’t practical, pull draperies back away from blocking natural light.

Your never have a second chance for a first impression so pay close attention to having a bright and clean house that smells good and shows well to set your home apart from the others a buyer may be looking at.

Jim Hester, Broker/Realtor, Cell: 828-447-0354,