By Cathy Leestma

It’s summer in the gorge and August is our month of festivals. Every summer weekend we swell in the number of visitors to about ten-fold of our permanent population which is close to 1200.


Elliott Mann enjoys the Lazy River at Rumbling Bald Resort

Like so many of you, Lake Lure has been our family reunion destination for years. This summer our six grandchildren arrived with their weary parents. Almost instantly as we settled everyone into the lake house, you could feel the tension of the adults being released kind of like a balloon deflating in the heat of the day.

The beauty and easy canter of life at the lake, better than any medical remedy or counseling session, began its magic. Conversations flowed easily over the squeals of children and babies. Catching up on the lives of those we love took place over the eight days, 24 meals, endless snacks, dishes washed, outings taken, shoes off, shoes on, swimming, hiking, golf cart rides, bedtime prayers and stories. 

 I asked Elliott, our six year old, what his favorite part of the week was. After a moment’s contemplation and with all sincerity, he looked at me and said…”just being with you, Mimi.” That kid has got to run for office someday. We need honest politicians.

Enjoy your month of making memories!