By Stephanie Jaye Evans

Penguin Books, 2012



Put together a minister who gets into others’ problems as if they were his own, a friend whose marriage is falling apart and is accused of murder, and a dog who is more like a human than an animal, and it will produce a story line that turns and twists like a mountain trail.

Perhaps the criticism from his parishioners of the irresponsibility of a minister who would get deeply involved in a crime scene and its major suspects is valid.  Perhaps his way of “investigating” does not follow protocols of the police department’s way of doing it.  But he is driven to get to the truth, even though he knows his reputation–personal and career–is on the line in the process.

The reader will come to love and be fascinated by the various characters as they play out in their own ways their responses to one of the biggest events the Houston suburb of Sugar Land has ever experienced.  Add that to the quirks and loving actions of a Pug named “Bear” and you have a book that is hard to put down, and come to the end wanting more.