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I know:  I’m supposed to be writing book reviews.  But this film touched my heart like nothing has in a very long time.  And yes, it is a “chick flick,” so if you men don’t want to read any farther, I will understand.

However…I could not ignore the desire to share with my readers how moving this true story of the writer of the Peter Rabbit tales and illustrations is.  Beatrix Potter, the sheltered and somewhat reclusive daughter of wealthy parents who live by the rules and prejudices of the upper echelon of 19th century London, broke through the walls of class through her characters whom she has imagined, drawn, and brought alive through her stories.

Perhaps it was the persistence, perhaps the touch of fantasy, but surely the joy experienced from seeing her transformation through her liberation was the most touching.  Is it the fantasy from the animals in her drawings or the persistence and fascinating imagination of Beatrix their creator that grabs onto the heart?  I cannot say.  I just know this story moved me in a way that is seldom found through any media of communication.

The scenery of the English Hill Country and the insights into the way of life during that era is a bonus for any who take the time to become part of this familiar yet unique story and situation.