By Sierra Clark


I always have fun on Halloween. But you know how it got started?40_0716151410c


In Medieval Times, they called Halloween “Samhain  Noul ” where they believed that night spirits would raise from the dead. They would leave food and wine on their porches and buy a mask to fit in with the ghost. They celebrated November 1.   In the 8th Century, people called it All Saints Day on November 2. People who were needy begged for food. Kids would be disguised, which is where children dressed up and accepted food. In the 1900’s it was just how we do it now except it was more for tricking people than it was for treats.  Now, ever since the 1950’s, we dress up and go door to door collecting candy. We decorate our houses, wear costumes, trick or treat and go to festivals.


Every year in America there are $2.5 billion spent on costumes with $6 billion spent on costumes and candy.   In Tennessee there is a candy corn factory where they make 15,000 pieces a day. There are 1,260 molds in each crate. Candy corn was invented in the 1800s. You mix sugar and corn syrup together and turn it into a liquid base that makes the body of the candy. Then you make the food coloring and put the mixture into the molds.


Here is a do-it-yourself craft: Cut a small white pumpkin in half. Glue each part of the pumpkin onto a large orange pumpkin for an owl’s eye. Cut another white pumpkin into five. Use one for the nose, two for ears and two for feet; one more big pumpkin and write ” Hoo” with a sharpie. That’s all I have today. Thanks for reading!




Sierra Clark is a sixth grader at RS Middle School, Rutherfordton, NC.