By Dave Leestma

I’m writing inside because it’s pretty warm outside, but I know the coolness is coming soon.  Another season change is upon us as summer slips away and a new colorful fall approaches.  As I write, another successful Olympiad has ended, and Lake Lure Classical Academy’s new facilities are officially open as another school year begins.  A new season stimulates our senses.  Familiar feelings, sights, smells and sounds return once again. It’s another new beginning in our beautiful Gorge.

Photo by Chris Wolfe. Olympiad champion, Sid Cardoso light's the 11th annual Olympiad flame.

Photo by Chris Wolfe. Olympiad champion, Sid Cardoso light’s the 11th annual Olympiad flame.


A stronger economy has been felt this year across the region.  Numbers are up across the board, particularly in tourism.  Many are feeling ‘a second wind’ measured by accomplishments at work and at home.  You’ll find that same sense of optimism in this fall edition of the Breeze with more than 40 articles to read in print and in our digital edition at


It is good that we all have our own unique way of seeing the same thing.  It brings color to the conversation and greater possibilities for an already vibrant community.  May this fall season stir your imagination and energize your thoughts to achieve good things.

Our Senses

By Bryant Williams

Do we appreciate our senses for the miracles they are?
Eyes that read tiny print, or see a distant star.
Ears to hear great music and, better, a loved one’s voice,
If I could have only one of these, I’d hate to make the choice.

Eyes and ears together make an awesome pair,
Even when it’s hearing aids and glasses we must wear.
Our sense of smell can please us or put us on alert.
It helps us savor food we eat, from soup up to dessert.

With sense of taste we enjoy food, and know if it’s cold or searing.
The tongue, you see, is a masterpiece of intricate engineering.
With no sense of feeling how would we know if we’re hot or cold.
And with no feeling in our hands, things would be hard to hold.

We say we have five senses, but I think there is just one more.
This one is very hard to define, but one I shouldn’t ignore.
It is one that uses all five of the senses, those appearing above.
By far it’s the best one of all, I think, and this one is called LOVE!