By Bob Keith

Mayor of Lake Lure, NC

Last month, my Breeze article was titled “Service to your community”. The focus was on the many good things that are happening around town and the upcoming election. Since that last Breeze, Barbara Searcy of the Attic Trunk antique shop on Memorial Highway has joined Bob Cameron, Pat Maringer and Steve Webber in running for the two open slots for Town Commissioner. We applaud these folks for stepping forward and offering their time and energy, if elected, to serve our community. We are fortunate, and frankly blessed, to have such capable people seek office in Lake Lure. But behind this story has an even more powerful theme.

Backing up the awesome, quality folks in our town offices who carry out the day-to-day activities of running a town are a number of committees of volunteers that help make things in Lake Lure work so well. Within each area of responsibility, the committees handle complaints, comments and ideas and put together plans and recommendations for Town Council’s consideration. The point of bringing this up is that you, yes “YOU”, can be involved in the process by attending committee meetings, sharing your ideas and concerns or even by volunteering to serve. Let’s take a look at the committees and Chairman.

Lake Advisory Board – Chairman Mark Helms

Parks and Recreation Board – Chairman Jim Walters

Zoning and Planning – Chairman Tom McKay

Board of Adjustments/Lake Advisory Board – Chairman Steve Webber

ABC Board – Chairman Tony Brodfuhrer

Asset Management Advisory Committee – Chairman Andy Bell

Each board has five to seven members who meet monthly to address the issues of present concern. You more than likely know most of these folks. The meetings are open. We encourage citizens to attend, observe and share their thoughts and constructive input. All of this process is what helps our town work at the direction and will of our citizens. Visit the website ( for more information about Board functions and meeting schedules. I try to sit in and observe most committee meetings and can state how impressed I am with the citizen representation and the manner in which town issues are handled. These volunteers are to be commended for their time and dedication to the town.

Get involved. YOU can make a difference!