By Adam Bowles

I write to you this month with a partially sad demeanor.  I am sad because summer is coming to an end and the warm weather will be disappearing little by little every day.  The summer is one of my favorite seasons of the year.  I love to see the kids playing in the pool, at the beach, or hitting golf balls on the range.  The kids are really what excite me when it comes to golf.  If I see a young person down on the driving range, I will normally walk down and greet the young person and tell them I am glad to see them here at the golf course.  My hopes are to leave a lasting impression with them that golf is a friendly game and that someone has interest in them out there in the sun chasing that little white ball.  I mean, they could be doing a thousand other things that most children would think are more fun than golf.  But they chose golf.  That, to me, is very exciting.

I have two small children.  Jack, my son, is two years old and Avery, my daughter, is four.  They are beginning to take interest in what daddy does for a living and I cannot tell you how much that makes me happy.  They will soon be asking mommy and me to take them to the golf course and we will gladly do so.

You see, the children are what it is all about.  If you have seen an article I have written before, you will notice I have talked about the younger generation many times.  They are the lifeblood of our sport and must be introduced to it or it will not exist in the future.

The summer is when you can take your child, grandchild, or anyone younger and introduce them to golf.  Please put golf in your thoughts when making your plans for the rest of this season or getting ready for next year.  Perhaps get them a set of clubs from Santa Clause and send them to the course when they come home from school.  The summer is traditionally a great time for family to vacation together and get away from the day in day out activity of the school year.  Send the kids to a golf camp while you spend some quality time together, or while you are on that trip, just take them to the driving range.  You never know what you might see.  Maybe the next great golfer of their generation is sitting right in front of you.

Adam Bowles, PGA, is Golf Operations Manager at Rumbling Bald Resort, Lake Lure.