By David H. Wulff, AIA


I always liked the title of that movie.  It was interesting in that a man could “listen” to the thoughts of women and figure out what they want, which brings me to my random thoughts on home design.   Let’s face it; most guys don’t have a clue what they want in a home.  That is with the exception of a big garage, workshop, and perhaps a Man Cave (whatever that is).  So guys, this is to help you.  Just listen to the women.

Nice kitchens and bathrooms may sell houses, but that is not all that is at the top of the list.

Chores and Storage
I love watching that show on TV “Small Houses”, but let’s face it, there is not enough room to turn around.  Utilitarian spaces are neglected by designers but coveted by buyers. A laundry room is on the wish list.  57 percent wouldn’t buy a house unless it has a room dedicated to washing and folding clothes. Storage is also a coveted commodity.  It’s called storage, storage and more storage.  Linen closets in the bath; pantry in the kitchen; walk in closets in bedrooms; and of course storage in the garage.

It’s the Small Things that Count
Seventy percent of buyers think an elevator in the home is more of a hindrance than a convenience.  Don’t know if I really agree with that.  I have an elevator in our 3 level house and it is used more for moving “stuff”, which saves my back.   An outdoor kitchen also fails to wow buyers, with 31 percent saying they prefer their home to have only one indoor kitchen. But a simple bathroom fan makes the study’s most-wanted list; 53 percent of buyers think a bathroom fan is essential, while 37 percent think it is desirable.

Smart Renovations

Most homeowners dislike laminate countertops in the kitchen, and 30 percent are against ceramic tile counters, making quartz or granite work surfaces a wise investment. A little bit of nighttime curb appeal also goes a long way; 90 percent of buyers want exterior lighting to brighten up the front and back yards of their future home. Walk-in showers are considered a luxury; no homeowner should rip out a tub to make room for a walk-in shower, since 51 percent of buyers won’t buy a home if the master bathroom is missing a tub.


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