By Sierra Clark

It is the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, that’s right. It’s almost here, Christmas! And you know what that means, Christmas traditions, and I’m going to tell you mine.

My Christmas starts when Thanksgiving gets here. First the elf on the shelf comes to visit us until Christmas Eve. My sister and I named him ‘Buddy’. That night we go to see the Christmas lights get turned on in Forest City. Downtown Forest City is a great place to visit from Thanksgiving until Christmas. It has great lights with a small town friendly feel.  We also go see Santa in his house and tell him what we want for Christmas. It is a really cool spot you should go check out. The next day we decorate for Christmas. We decorate the tree. My tradition is I always get to put on the princess from “Enchanted” on the tree. It turns out really pretty. Then we hang up our stockings in order of oldest to youngest, hang up Christmas bells, we write letters to Santa, and more.

Then about a week before Christmas we start baking cookies of all sorts, pies, chocolate cakes, chocolate covered pretzels, icing, and fudge. Then we listen to Christmas Music on the radio, decorate gingerbread cookies with icing and sprinkles, always laughing while doing so. Mom has a glass of wine and makes cookies and cream fudge, some pies and more. Then on Christmas Eve we have a party.  We invite family over and have tons of goodies like chocolate, lollipops, and gummies. We eat the stuff we baked and eat Cheese trays, shrimp, queso with corn chips and more. Then we have sweet and sour chicken that my mom makes from a secret family recipe. Then we open one present, and it is always pajamas. Then we have to go to sleep which is really hard to do since we are so excited.

Then it is finally Christmas day! We open our doors and take a sneak peek at our presents (don’t tell my mom). We wake up our parents and open presents. For breakfast we eat cinnamon rolls. Afterwards we dress up nice and go to our Paw Paw’s house for lunch and see all of our family and have a real good time. Then we come home and play games that we got for Christmas like Monopoly, Life, Clue, Candy Land and Funny or Die. For dinner we eat left-overs from our party because it lasts us for a week. That night we sleep in the family room with our mom. Christmas is over now. But I can’t wait for next year!

I’ll see you next time!


Sierra Clark is a sixth grader at RS Middle School, Rutherfordton, NC.