Breeze artist, Joy Sorenson’s Santa on our cover just back from his extraordinary around the world delivery route, reminds me that there is calm after the storm.  Thankfully missing the brunt of those October storms, Lake Lure mayor, Bob Keith, gives credit to our community emergency personnel for keeping us safe from the flooding our southern neighbors couldn’t escape (see p 5).  New Breeze writer, Mary Reitano, gives us four gifts to reduce holiday stress (see p 22). Deborah Eisenhut’s holiday recipes work better with an elf’s help (see p 17). And Santa’s story takes some twists and turns through our memories and from an actual local siting (see pages 32, 35, 38 and 39).

It continues to be a tough year for the world. Focusing on holiday traditions or making new ones may be just what it takes to lift you above the stuff of life and the mundane busyness of the season. Let the spirit of generosity rise to the top. Don’t miss the innocence in a child’s face.  Carve out some time to read articles from our Breeze columnist regulars in this holiday Breeze print and digital edition. It may be just the calm you need.

And be thankful.  All the best to you this holiday season.