2005 was a banner year for Pickleball in Lake Lure. What you ask is Pickleball? It is the fastest growing sport for the over 50 set in America today. Played on a court with a hard paddle and something close to a whiffle ball, the game is fast and fun and friendly.


That year, 2005, Michele Puchula visited her sister who was living in Lake Lure. She and her husband Louis then bought a home here in 2012. Soon after, she was invited by Bald Mountain Lake resident, Smoke Hickman, to come out and play this new game and as Michele says, she was “hooked immediately!” Michele is a wonderful example a great sportswoman. Her infectious laugh helps us all remember when we miss a shot that “it is only a game!”14FullSizeRender


Michele joined the USAPA and is now the Pickleball Ambassador for Lake Lure. All of this sound kind of fancy but what you really to know is that Pickleball is one great work out, mentally and physically with fun social benefits! Come out and give it a try at Rumbling Bald courts, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9 AM. Racquets provided. For further information, call 321-652-7099.