By David Wulff, AIA

I took a survey recently that asked the question “What Color Should You Paint Your Bedroom?” I thought it would be interesting to see how I matched up. You may enjoy some of the questions.

  1. What is your sleep pattern? The answer choices ranged from “are you a morning person” to “night owl”. I am not sure how this relates to room color, but apparently someone does.
  1. What type of interiors do you prefer- light, dark, soft, bold? I think we can relate to this question. I prefer soft and light.
  1. How do you sleep at night? I don’t know about you, but I prefer to sleep when I sleep. Makes sense to me. However they were really asking things such as: do you toss and turn; fall asleep quickly; wake up numerous times. OK, I generally fall right asleep, but sometimes wake up in the night.
  1. What do you use your bedroom for? The answers ranged from sleeping, watching TV, reading, etc. My answer was all the above, but they did not have that for a choice.
  1. What type of bedroom are you most drawn to? This refers to the décor of the room, such as: homey; minimalist; filled with mementos, etc. Minimalist is for me.
  1. Best thing about my bedroom is: tall ceilings; large size; comfy bed, etc. Mine has tall ceilings, but I also like the comfy bed.

After all this, my color came out as orange. Yes orange. That’s about the absolute last color I would ever think of painting any room in my house and definitely NOT the bedroom. I read the conclusions from a number of other people that had taken the survey and the answers ranged from “you must be kidding” to “green, that’s the color of my bedroom right now”.

What does this tell us? There’s no survey that will absolutely predict “you”. Everyone is unique and your bedroom color should reflect that. You might want to experiment with different colors if your bedroom is not a reflection of “you”. . For me, it will NOT be orange, I can guarantee that.

So, what color is your bedroom?

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