By Michael Lewis


Michael Damer with Sophia.


Brent Damer

A little while ago I had the pleasure of taking a family fishing, Dad and the four children. He gets them for a couple of weeks a year. And one of the things they did this year was go fishing with me. Now you all know I love to fish. But I love to teach a child how to fish more than anything! The look on their faces are priceless when they catch their first fish. It seems the younger they are the more excited they get. I have seen grown adults get really excited too, myself included.
Well the day we went out it was cold and windy, and because there were so many people on the boat we couldn’t cast very safely.  So we trolled around for about two hours with no luck. We then tried jigging a spoon over bait pods in thirty feet of water. I could see the bait under the boat. I could also see the fish but they didn’t want anything to do with our lures.
We went to a spot on the lake that has a steep drop. The fish were there but they didn’t pay attention to anything we tried. I switched to smaller lures and we tried to catch some perch trolling in water less than ten feet deep. Still no luck.
I have to say that I don’t get skunked very often but it was not looking good. The time was running out and we hadn’t caught a thing. Since we had to get back to the dock at a certain time, we fired up the boat and headed back to the ramp.
One the way back maybe a couple of hundred yards from the boat dock a school of white bass exploded behind the boat. I turned the boat around as fast as I possibly could. I told everyone that had a fishing rod in their hands to cast out. We caught four fish in less than thirty seconds. Wow, what a feeding frenzy! That just proves that the next cast can change everything. Thanks to Brent Damer and his family, Michael, lssac, Sophia and Caroline.
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