By Robert Taylor


You have now started to think about creating a stamp collection for yourself or with a relative which is a good thing.

What type of stamp collecting will always remain a tough decision. First of all, find a local stamp club and join it. They normally meet once a month. The yearly dues are normally very inexpensive in the range of $10 a year.

Even though you are a novice, the club members and officers will be more than happy to help guide you in the art of stamp collecting. If you live in the Lake Lure area or western North Carolina itself, the Asheville Stamp Club is one of the largest and most active in North Carolina. They meet the 3rd Sunday afternoon at the Deerfield Episcopal Center in Asheville from about 1:30-4:00 with various programs that will help you immensely. I’m the President and program director so just email me if you need additional information.

At the club meetings (and the auctions), you can purchase nice albums and stamp material that interest you at the BEST prices around. The meeting members have a large and varied taste in Philatelic interest. Some collect U.S., some collect European, some collect postal covers, etc. There are several members who are well known throughout the United Sates for their Philatelic skills. There are also stamp dealers (like myself) who can provide proper direction for you.

Stamp collecting has literally hundreds of different venues that you can pursue. Stamp product availability is excellent. No question is a dumb question. That is how you learn.

By the way, this is not a male dominated club. 20% of our membership is active female members.

One final thought is that if you have a stamp collection you would like appraised (no charge) and/or purchased, myself and other members at the club can help you in that process.

If you need additional information, just email me at

Happy collecting!