I like the quote from Southern Living magazine writer, Rick Bragg, who states, “I may not know where I’m going, but I know where I am.” Being home for the holidays and into 2016 helps me feel more grounded and ready for all that stuff of life that continues to happen. The joy of house and home is that it touches almost every part of our lives.

This winter Breeze edition is full of helpful ideas for you, our Breeze readers, and your home. Whether you live in a steel house, (see p 26) or a cabin, 2106 may be the year to expand that lingering idea or complete that house project started too long ago! If you’re looking for love, see page 27. If you’re seeking more education, see page 6. If you want to stay healthy, see pages 3, 13 and 31. To find out what’s going on, see p 39. And to simply be better informed, don’t miss a single page.

Where ever you live or whatever you do, don’t forget the importance of home. The best of life may be found right there.