The Hickory Nut Gorge Foundation was founded in 2005 by Lake Lure residents, James and Susan Dunn. Along with a handful of friends and supporters, the organization was formed out of their mutual desire to “leaving a place – the Hickory Nut Gorge — better than they found it”.

In its simplest terms, the Foundation was created as an endowment that will last forever.  That means that every dollar that is donated to The HNGF remains in the Foundation endowment.  Only the endowment earnings are used to grant money or in-kind assets back to Gorge non-profits. As a component fund of The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina (CFWNC), our purpose is;

To help preserve, improve and serve the environment, wildlife and people who live in the Gorge

communities of Gerton, Bat Cave, Chimney Rock, Lake Lure and Bill’s Creek, both now and in the

Because the earnings from your financial gifts are invested back into the Gorge they become an ever increasing legacy that outlasts our own lives and something for which we all are very proud. As our motto says, our donors are always “giving beyond the horizon”.

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The Hickory Nut Gorge Foundation recently donated three bricks to commemorate the 2015 opening of the new Lake Lure Classical Academy building. The Ann Herman Foundation (Lake Lure), donated the funds to the HNG Foundation to have the bricks made and inscribed. The bricks installed at the school flagpole serve as permanent reminders of the Foundation’s support of the Academy and of the Foundation’s mission in the Gorge, ie. “Giving beyond the horizon”.

28_Brick1 28_Brick2 28_Brick3 28_Brick4 28_Group Picture