By Jim Hester

There are a number of mistakes home owners make that decrease the value and beauty of their home. Worse, some of the issues mentioned below may cause serious damage to the structure if not identified and corrected in a timely manner.

Landscaping- Trees planted too close to the house or driveway without much thought about how big the will grow may cause major problems later from water and root damage to pavement, foundations, sewer and water lines. When buying an older home it may be best to remove all over grown scrubs around the home’s perimeter and slope drainage away from the house. Removing over grown landscaping will also allow the house to dry out and slow down wood rot issues. Unkempt shrubbery around the front entry will make folks wonder what else has been “let go”.

Crazy paint colors- Don’t choose an exterior paint color that is too far out and out of place in the neighborhood. Be careful with contrasting trim colors that distract instead of attract the eye.

Neglecting the small stuff- Keep windows and screens clean and replace broken locks or torn screens. With sliding doors clean the track on a regular basis.

Using old appliances- Pay attention to the age and quality of your kitchen appliances. A stovetop that is too old and scratched to be cleaned properly is a turn off to your guests. Appliances that are not energy-savers are costing too much money to run.

Skipping regular deep clean- Details matter when it comes to home care. Your home is probably your biggest investment so invest some time to make it shine. Clean dirty grout and stained carpets.

Neglecting wood floors- Water and items like vinegar dull floors over time. If you have them buffed when dull you can postpone the need to sand and refinish for many years.

Gutters and downspouts- dirty gutters that allow water to spill over and seep into the foundation will cause major damage over time. Pay attention to down spouts and release rain water as far away from the house as practical.

The saying goes, “you don’t have a second chance for a good first impression”. By keeping on top of regular property maintenance you will keep your properties curb appeal and maintain the value of your most valuable asset.

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