Over the past 14 months I have written 9 articles under the theme of “Paying it Forward.” The positive comments from readers and gratitude expressed by some of the deserving individuals and members of organizations featured have been my inspiration to continue carrying the theme forward.

Reiterating the “Paying it Forward” definition in my iteration is tantamount to the true meaning of this piece:

Paying it Forward is the act of performing random acts of kindness, or expressions of gratitude to individuals or groups of people when least expected with no expectations of reciprocation!”

My sincere wish and hope is to create a feeling of resulting good feelings about self, others’ self-esteem or making someone’s day by taking time to “Pay if Forward” are the intentions of the following examples of actions we can all perform with grace and ease:

  • Thank a member of the armed services for serving every time you see a person in uniform.
  • Find something appealing about your server, the cashier at the store and those who serve the public, and pass on the compliment. It is easy to do if you take the time.
  • Call a family member or friend who you haven’t spoken to in some time and tell them they were on your mind and you wanted to pass on your love and blessings.
  • Help an elder that you may or may not know who is in need of help moving, loading groceries or whatever they may be physically challenged to perform.
  • SMILE! It never ceases to amaze me how a wide smile to anyone you encounter, with familiarity or unfamiliarity, will immediately put them in good spirits and in most cases warrant a return smile lifting your spirits as well.
  • Acknowledge public servants whenever you see them, a simple thanks, or “hope your day is going well” can do wonders regarding their demeanor and make them feel better about what they do.
  • We all have people, for one reason or another and oft times for no reason, who we do not resonate with and choose to ignore or even observe with unpleasant glances. The latter is one that mystifies my wife and me as I am writing from personal experience. Come out of your shell, shed your defense and shake hands or at least acknowledge those people. You may find them pleasant after all!
  • Pray for all those needing prayer due to beleaguering circumstances or in need of healing due to a malady or personal situation. Let them know they are in your thoughts and prayers. We all know that a profusion of prayer is powerful and can create miracles! Hugs work as well!
  • Write a note. Send a card signed by you. In this day and age of e-mail, social media, text messaging etc., we are losing the personal touch of personalization with good wishes, anniversaries etc. Take the time as needed to those needing it! It is a prime example of “Paying it Forward”.

I am certain you can think of many other acts of random kindness that would make the recipients of your actions feel good. We live in stressful times with what is taking place in the world and even our environment where we live. Little things mean a lot and a lot more when each of us offers to others acts of kindness or something as simple as a smile. You will be surprised at the personal feeling of satisfaction you will receive!