By David Wulff, AIA

I always think designing with Feng Shui in mind is interesting. It’s an aesthetic, practical approach to the ancient art of space alignment. It’s not something you are necessarily conscious of. It’s more of a feeling. Let’s consider how someone approaches your front door. What type of energy are they feeling? Here’s an example:

When you put a bite of food into your mouth, it begins a long process of digestion before it leaves your body. There are all sorts of organs and functions between the input and the output.

  So too does an environment need to have “guts” so that energy coming in does not just drop out the back. The energy needs to stay a while.

  Energy comes into the front door with attention directed at that door, interaction with residents coming home, and with visitor visits. However, whenever someone steps up to the front door and their attention flies out the back door, the house loses its energy.

As the visitor approaches the front door, can they see all the way through the house and out the back? Or, if they are in the main entry, can they see clearly through the house and out the back windows without anything blocking the view? If so, the “energy” they brought to the home is going straight through the house and leaves. There’s no energy remaining in the house. We want that energy to remain inside.

The answer is simple. If you have clear glass in your front door and you can see through the house, consider having obscure glass instead. If you have a foyer and it opens up to the rest of the house and the back windows, put a small dividing wall that divides the space to capture that energy. Don’t make your home an “energy” pass-thru.


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