By Michael Lewis

       I have been fishing for a lot of years and it really never gets old because the next cast can change everything. This is a really great time to be out on the water. It won’t really matter if you are on a lake or on a river. This time of year is just magical. Last year at this time I saw three Bald Eagles flying over Lake Lure. Two of them started flying in a circle and dove down toward the water. At the last second before they got to the surface they flew off in different directions. One morning an eagle ran an osprey from the middle of the lake all the way to Chimney Rock. Wow! Those are sites to see!33_Shumont_026Breeze[1]


It will depend on the weather and how warm it gets before the fish start to spawn. This is the time of year when you can see really big fish up shallow. Sometimes they will bite and sometimes they won’t. It just depends on the mood they are in. If they are hungry, it won’t matter what you throw at them. If they are in the mood for love, you can’t get them to bite live bait sometimes. It all depends on what they are looking for – I am talking about the big females. The males will feed pretty much all the time. They really start to feed up when the fry or small baby bass get to be about two inches long. Then they start eating their own. How’s that for fatherly love!

The main thing is to get out there and go after them. If you don’t have a boat call me. And remember to take a kid fishing. They will love it!

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