28_MAHEC 8 6 15 grant

The grant will contribute to the fundraiser for the future x-ray
equipment and x-ray services at Lake Lure. (L. to R.) Unknown staff person, Dr.
Samuel Tilden and MAHEC Director Tina Owen. The Mountain Area Health Education
Center (MAHEC) Facility in Lake Lure has been presenting to the general
Public information about its primary care services to the Hickory Nut Gorge
and the surrounding communities to emphasize MAHEC’s ongoing fundraising
campaign to provide diagnostic x-ray equipment and service at the Lake Lure
site. To assist MAHEC reaching its $75,000 x-ray goal, Tina Owen submitted a
grant application to the Hickory Nut Gorge Foundation. This grant and others
when submitted in a certain time frame received matching funds from a Rutherford
County foundation. Consistent with the H. N. G. foundation’s mission, it
partnered with MAHEC and awarded to it a grant presented to Dr. S. G. Tilden
and to MAHEC Director, Tina Owen at an on-site event last season. The Hickory
Nut Gorge Foundation continues to accept and evaluate applications for grants
for Gorge non-profit, charitable organizations. For further information about the
Foundation, please visit its website at www.hngfoundation.org or e-mail to HNGFHorizon@
gmail.com. Woody Turner, Foundation Board Chairman.