Rutherford Pet Supply recently opened in the old Pro Rent-all building on the 74 bypass across from Thunder Road. This is the second location for Rutherford Pet Supply, Inc., following the success of their smaller Forest City Main Street store. With space for pet adoptions, training and professional grooming services, the new store is the largest pet supply store in Rutherford County–boasting over 9,500 square feet. The new location offers over 12,000 products for various types of pets and livestock. For the dog, you will find a range of dog food from super premium to extremely affordable brands.

In addition to the retail space, 115 Reservation Drive is the new home for the Rutherford County Humane Society. This marks the first time in many years that the RCHS, founded in 1979, has had a physical space. Besides renting the space to the RCHS for only $1 a year, Rutherford Pet Supply Incorporated designates a portion of the proceeds from all sales in the superstore toward the support of pet related non-profits in Rutherford County. Professional dog training is also available both on site and in-home through the new store.

Future plans for development of the Rutherford County Pet Supply include plans for self-service bathing facility and a dog park on-site. The fenced, half-acre park will include picnic tables and a covered space for any pet related non-profit organizations to use for events. When not reserved for events, the park will be available for the general public. A donation to the Humane Society, the amount of which is at the discretion of the user, will be expected each time.

Submitted by Parker E. Quinlan