By Cathy Leestma

Hello all. You can just feel it in the still, cold air…spring is on the way. With the blossoming of Dogwood, Mountain Laurel and Azaleas will come our much anticipated visitors to the Hickory Nut Gorge. First, our spring contingency of mostly adults and not long after that the summer throngs of families will be upon us! So many folks come back again and again to this oasis of Southern hospitality and magnificent beauty.

Spring is on its way. Photo by Mary Reitano

Spring is on its way. Photo by Mary Reitano

How many families reading this now have generations who have come to Lake Lure every summer? Kids grow up here and then want to bring their little ones. Grandmas and Grandpas can’t wait for the enthusiasm that comes with the kids. And then they can’t wait for the long naps that come after goodbyes are said and promises are made that “we will see you again next summer.” Oh, the beautiful circle of life and seasons! 

The Breeze has a national following of folks who subscribe to and receive the paper in the mail. Yes, you can read it page by page online ( but these friends like to hold it and hold on to it. Not long ago we were contacted by a Breeze reading family who had a copy of every Breeze ever published. That’s going on 29 years. And that’s amazing!

We love to read the letters you send. Most of them are personal but some need to be shared. Nathaniel Smith of Raleigh wrote a lovely letter and sent it along with his Breeze renewal. Seems like Mr. Smith has had a tough year physically but still has hopes of being back in Lake Lure this spring. The letter began, “To the Mountain Breeze People, The Mountain Breeze has meant so much to me.” Well, Mr. Smith, we consider it an honor to share this amazing community with you through the pages of the Breeze. We can’t wait for you to be back. Please hurry! 

So get ready. It’s going to be a fantastic season. Be sure to support our Breeze advertisers and as always, please tell them you saw it in the Breeze!