By Becky Cook

It seems as though there’s hardly a morning which comes without news of a dreadful school shooting or domestic violence incident, a terrorist attack, a deadly tornado, or a fire or flood has flattened a community. Perhaps we learn that an elusive and deadly virus has infiltrated the bodies of innocent folks. And we’re given a set of guidelines to recognize the symptoms as well as high risk geographic areas. Guns seem to be freely available. We hear of people using them indiscriminately and carelessly, even sometimes in the hands of police. Value of human life seems to be in jeopardy.

Add to all of the above that we are in the midst of unbelievable political wars, especially in the presidential race. It’s a no holds barred atmosphere. Candidates level personal attacks against each other, expecting, it seems, that defamation of character is more effective than offering actual plans/intentions to deal with the issues which face our nation and world. Our values appear to have become completely skewed.

On a personal level, I’ve been forced to accept the inevitability of losing loved ones, family members and dear friends, who have gone on to their heavenly home in the last year or so. Of course, it’s not a new experience for me. But somehow I’m re-learning the importance of living every moment of every day to its fullest. For we do not know when our earthly sojourn will end.

One could easily get discouraged, even depressed, in a world which is fraught with so many negatives. But, God won’t let the grimness take over. Several families recently gathered together in a maternity waiting room in a hospital in Richmond, Kentucky. We were all connected in some way to a young mom and her emerging baby boy (our great grandson.) He weighed a hefty 8lb/3oz/21inches long, full count of fingers and toes. Every part worked fine except for concern with his oxygen level. Special treatment was launched for several hours. Then came the news we wanted to hear. He was fine and breathing normally on his own. His Momma and Daddy got to hold him. And the rest of us offered up a prayer of praise! Yes, the world is too much with us. But, the arrival of this precious new life reminds me that God is in control! And all else pales!