By Michael Lewis

You can’t really question her. But you wish you could.

Jason Ray with a nice large mouth bass.

Jason Ray with a nice large mouth bass.

As I write this article it is April 10th. This morning it was 30 degrees. Frost on the ground. Good thing we didn’t plant the garden yet.
Four days ago the water temperature was 64 degrees, two days later, 53 degrees. I am afraid to guess what it is while I write!
The bass have come up into the shallower water, and the little male bass are already started fanning out beds. I have even seen some large females in two feet of water, but not anymore. This year the spawn will be late.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks. Hopefully it will make for a good long spawning season.

The site fishing is a little bit better. Sometimes they eat anything you throw in front of them. And sometimes they won’t eat anything you put in front of them because they’re in the mood for love. Some of the best fishing you’ve ever seen starts when they get through with all this spawning. That’s when it is topwater fishing time. One of my favorites.
You can catch those fish on the beds with different kinds of soft plastics – lizards, worms, crawfish. When they start coming up to feed on shad after they recuperate from spawning you can catch them on almost any kind of top water bait.

The bluegill, white bass, and perch are feeding pretty good this time of year, too. So if you love catching pan fish, it’s a good time of the year to go.

The trout fishing in the rivers has been absolutely wonderful. Fly fishing or ultralight fishing both have been very successful.

If you want to get out on the river or on Lake Lure, call me at 828-223-0269 or go online to And remember to take a child fishing. You may have more fun than they do!