“Now shall I walk, or shall I ride? “Ride,” Pleasure said; “Walk” Joy replied.” Quoting W. H. Davies underscores the tension I feel deciding whether to explore more quickly or slowly the beauty of our foothill and mountain surroundings. Spring has definitely busted out all over with tree leaves sprouting out just in time to shade the warm summer sun.

With the new Buffalo Creek Hiking Trail nearby, I have no excuse not to hike those 3.5 miles and take in those spring views before the tree canopies of summer cover them. But living in a region with more curvy roads than straight, the necessity of car travel allows me to take in the region’s changing beauty more quickly.

I hope you’ll ‘take in’ this entire May/June edition of the Breeze. Whether you ‘ride’ or ‘walk’ through each page, I am certain you’ll enjoy the time. And when you have done that, take a hike!

Dave Leestma