By Cathy Leestma

If you are visiting us here in the Gorge, a warm welcome to you! There is a lot of anticipation as we countdown to summer with our annual Memorial Day weekend events. You may come here hoping for a relaxing and refreshing weekend enabling you to return to the business of life. I have an idea for you. Why not look around a bit while you are here and visualize yourself living here…permanently.

We have an unofficial campaign here in town to find the nicest people in the world and invite them to join us.

If you accept, here’s my top 10 on what you can expect: 1. No traffic. Clarification – If you try to drive into town (Lake Lure, or Chimney Rock during big weekends, there will be traffic). If you drive here any other time, there won’t be. Get over it. 2. Healthy living enhanced by miles of hiking trails, water sports in clean, pure lakes, challenging golf, Pickleball etc. 3. Kind folks who will serve you at the Post Office, Police Department, Mayor’s office, EMT and the library.

4. Housing at many price points 5. Wonderful new friends if you are open. 6. Houses of worship that enrich our lives, bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth and allow us to bless others. 7. Fabulous Ingles 8. Lake Lure Classical Academy (grades K-12) 9. Blessed quiet. 10. Working from home – we do have Internet.  

Write to me if you have questions about living here. You may just qualify! In the meantime, enjoy and welcome!