By Michael Lewis

I have been here a long time, a real long time if you count all the years of my childhood spent on the family farm just minutes from Lake Lure. And after 17 years as a guide on the prettiest lake I know, this year has been the strangest.      

Wyatt Wise with large mouth bass.

Wyatt Wise with large mouth bass.

The fish really didn’t get a good chance to spawn. The weather was so crazy. They started then stopped so many times I think that they just gave up. I took a couple of guys from Louisiana out and we caught and released 21 largemouth bass. The next trip we caught 11 and missed maybe 7. ‘Could be the fishermen but I would bet it’s the weather – too hot in the spring then to cold and then way to hot.

I have been catching bass and white bass on every trip so it’s been good fishing. It’s just that the top water action which is usually going on now hasn’t started yet. And the water temp is 78 degrees at 5:30 in the morning. So if the top water bite is going to happen it probably won’t be a big feed, and it more than likely won’t last long. On an over cast day the bite may be better. So if you can, pick your days.

I’ve noticed more non-motorized boats on the lake. We need to keep a sharp look out. Non-motorized boats are supposed to stay within 75 feet of the bank, but they do have the right of way.

Been a pleasure watching the Bald Eagles hunt on the lake this year. I watched one chase an osprey all the way to Chimney Rock Park the other day. It was almost like he said, “Stay out of my kitchen.”

The white bass, perch and bluegill fishing has been good with crickets and poppers on a fly rod. So get out on the lake to fish or just to enjoy all that it has to offer.

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