By Peter O’Leary

This article continues our search for a name for a proposed trail to connect the east side of Rutherford County with the west side. In the last two issues of The Breeze we discussed a potential trail to be built on the easement which would accompany the proposed sewer line from Lake Lure to Spindale. The first name was then introduced – The Whistle Pig Trail! This name comes from the nickname for the ubiquitous ground hogs that roam our woods, roadsides, and trail sides. Its descriptive, fun, catchy, memorable, and likely to draw attention to our new trail. But what about some alternatives?

The point of this is to get you thinking and to encourage input as to what you think this really special and potentially very popular trail should be called. What is the best name to bring positive attention, promote business development, and ensure the success of this future trail?

Here are a few more names to consider:

How about our golden past? The trail could be the “Gold to Gorge” trail. It could tie the Bechler mine and Mint story into a golden tale that leads to the other “gold” in the county – Hickory Nut Gorge.

What about a Hollywood angle? The eastern mill economy slowly went away just as the movies discovered the beauty of the Gorge. The “Mills to Movies” trail could celebrate our old industrial past and lead into the transition to our silver screen presence today.

The old stagecoach line that once ran through the Gorge to Asheville was operated by the Great Western Stagecoach Line. This could lead to the “Great Western Stagecoach” trail or something like the “Old Stagecoach Road”.

The route was also used by drovers to drive herds of livestock and flocks of turkeys to markets in the east. Just west of us in Fairview the highway is known as the Drover’s Road. How does the “Drover’s” trail or the “Mountains to Market” trail sound?

What do you like? Your input, ideas and suggestions are needed. Participate in our ‘Name that trail challenge! Send ideas and suggestions to: