By Tommy Hartzog Exec. Dir., HNG Chamber of Commerce

In your daily interaction with others, what is it that you give off?

The only way that I know of to wake up with a smile on your face is to wake up with a coat hanger in your mouth.

We all start the day with choices and one of those is how do we affect all those people we pass in the grocery isle, the bank, a restaurant or a group event. I have found that, even if I am pressured or troubled, that my worries dissipate over the day if I spread “warm fuzzes” in my daily travel. What occurs is that same circuitous route of counterintuitive consequences that we encounter throughout life. How many people have you heard someone say something like “I got more out of teaching that class than the students did” or “the joy that I received far outweighed that of the recipient”.

This phenomenon is just one of the mysteries and magic of life. Be contagious with smiles, greetings, encouragement and warmth with all that you meet every day. You can give out “warm fuzzes” every day of your life and never run out. Actually, the more you give away, the more you will have to give.

Your Chamber is at work everyday to make good things happen to increase the quality of life in our Gorge communities. We remain grateful and humbled by your increasing support and encouragement.

Come by Carolina Trust Bank and The Chamber this week and bring us a “warm fuzzy”. We’ll both feel better!