By Bob Keith, Mayor of Lake Lure, NC.


As I was sitting down to write my Breeze article, an alert from the Police Department appeared in my email inbox. I’d like to share this very important message with all of you Breeze readers. Let me paraphrase: The Lake Lure Police Department would like to alert the public to an increase of spam activity in our area. Recently, the department has received numerous reports of residents receiving calls where the caller is claiming to be with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and have been threatening and demanding. Each call is registering with a different Caller ID number. These numbers have various area codes but be assured these numbers are untraceable in that they are routed several times through numerous phone carriers and may quite possibly originate in areas outside the United States. The call is a SCAM and you should not entertain them or give them any information regarding yourself or anyone in your household.


In another real situation more close to home, a resident informed the local police department that he had an email from a grandchild who was traveling in some foreign country. The grandchild stated she needed money to get out of jail. The email requested that the resident obtain thousands of dollars in gift cards/itunes cards. Unfortunately the resident lost several hundred dollars before he realized he was being scammed and the process could be stopped. In the United States, these types of SCAMS have grown exponentially most likely as the result of our enhanced technologies. The best way to stop SCAMS is to educate and warn our public to be alert and don’t heed to threats, intimidation or a deal you just can’t refuse. If at anytime you feel unsure, even in the slightest, about a call or email, if something just doesn’t sound plausible or too good to be true, please call your local police department. We encourage you to not wait or hesitate to call your local authorities who can investigate and help avoid unfortunate outcomes.


On a lighter note, August brings you some exciting event opportunities. First, in addition to all the challenging competition of the Olympiad Sports Festival, on Saturday, August 13th at 9am, the Olympiad will host the USMS Long Distance Open Water Swim National (that’s right, NATIONAL) Championships at the beach at Rumbling Bald Resort. The best swimmers from across the country in all age groups will be in town to compete for the gold. Come out and watch these top athletes perform while simultaneously observing the finish of the Sprint Triathlon and Junior Olympiad as a backdrop. The beach will be a frenzy of athletic activity. Second, let me point you to Chimney Rock State Park on the next day, August 14th to watch the finish of the Race to the Rock. Runners will sprint (maybe jog, ugh!) 3 miles up to the Chimney while bikes ride 25 miles then ascend the Park entrance road to the top. What’s in it for you: enter the Park for free before 7:30am, take in the breathtaking sunrise over Lake Lure, watch the athletes arrive and then spend as much time in the Park that day as you wish. It’s a combination of nature, beauty, outdoors and the witness of personal athletic achievement. And third, on the following weekend on August 19-20, come out to the Annual Dirty Dancing Festival in Morse Park. Why? The local Chamber has taken over the management of the event. They have introduced some new exciting ideas and it promises to the best ever.


With all that is going on in the world these days, please pray for and support our country, our military and especially our local police and firefighters. Have a splendiferous summer!

PS – We need safety kayakers for the Olympiad Open Water Swim Friday evening and Saturday morning. Call Barbi 625-4932.